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Sakisiswe Orphanage

6 x homes on the property hosting 100’s of children. The boys and girls consist of a rainbow of nations who come from the streets and from needs out of the local community.
They are provided with love and shelter in a nurturing, secure environment and they are given guidance as well as therapy training and they ensure the children get through schooling.
We are in need of the following for our Project:


• 1 x JOJO’s for water storage and supply

• Solar lighting - Indoors & Outdoors for safety purposes and 

   also enabling children to continue with their schooling/studies

• 4 x stoves as their old ones are no longer functioning properly       with plates that are non-functional

• 4 x Microwaves

• 2 x Beds and full bedding for two house moms

• Doors, door handles & kitchen cupboard doors to be repaired 

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